The Prana Yoga Success Story

Sales Growth: +30%
Instagram Following: +130%
Facebook Organic Growth: +300%
Charitable Donations: $2,500

The Business Challenge

Prana Yoga needed to lock in customer loyalty through sales of extended studio memberships and class punch cards.

The Hot Deal

Customers scanned a Generopolis QR code posted at the Prana register to donate to Wings of Hope and gain access to Prana’s best deals of the year on studio memberships and class punch cards. Customers saved up to $150 after their donation was complete.

The Strategic Approach

Prana Yoga partnered with Wings of Hope to create three specific marketing windows for the “Prana Yoga Charity Challenge.” Throughout all phases, the approach included social media, email marketing, in-studio activities and in-studio signage.

Phase 1: Buzz-Building

  • Prana’s customers voted on a charity to receive Generopolis donations, driving social media interest and in-studio excitement.
  • Prana created an open house event to invite the public to nominate a charity.

Phase 2: Sale Window

  • Prana used social media and in-studio signage to announce the Generopolis deal and charity beneficiary, Wings of Hope.
  • Wings of Hope cross-promoted Prana’s sale announcement on their own social media channels, instantly increasing Prana’s reach x10.
  • Volunteer ambassadors from Wings of Hope joined Prana Yoga classes, spreading their nonprofit mission while also experiencing the personal benefits of practicing at Prana.
  • Wings of Hope ambassadors provided authentic and powerful marketing content shared on social media by the charity and Prana.

Phase 3: Wrap-Up

  • Prana and Wings of Hope shared results and thanked each other publicly, lauding total dollars raised on social media and in the Prana studio.


  • Sales: +30%
  • Instagram Following: +130%
  • Facebook Organic Reach: +300%
  • Nonprofit Dollars Raised: $2,500+

Customers love deals… but also love supporting charity!

Key insight: Give customers options

During the Prana sale window, customers could freely select their own donation level by scanning a $10 or $20 Generopolis QR code to donate to Wings of Hope. More than 60% of customers selected the higher donation level, even though the discount Prana offered the customer was the same at both donation levels.

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