A Real GOOD Success Story:

Prana Yoga and Wings of Hope


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The Connection

Longstanding Prana customers served on the Wings of Hope Board. They nominated the charity to receive Prana’s support.

The GOOD Deal

Customers unlocked more than $150 in savings on extended studio memberships and class passes after donating their choice of $10 or $20 to Wings of Hope.

the Win-win strategy

Craft a GOOD Deal targeted at driving sales of long-term studio memberships to lock in customer loyalty in the face of expanding fitness studio competition. Enhance the studio’s reputation as a strong community supporter. Grow increased social media engagement.

Spread awareness of their medical transport and humanitarian aviation programs to the Prana Yoga community through in-studio and social media promotion. Create and grow new donor relationships with Prana’s customer base.

A Real GOOD Marketing Plan

QR Code Display

Prana posted two Generopolis QR codes at the studio register, allowing customers to select a donation of $10 or $20 to Wings of Hope in exchange for more than $150 in savings on extended studio memberships. Even though customers received the exact same deal at either donation level, more than 65% of customers chose to donate $20.

authentic connections

Wings of Hope enlisted staff and board members to embed inside the Prana community for 30 days. They practiced yoga alongside Prana’s customers and used their time before and after classes to share their nonprofit’s mission. They provided creative testimonials about their Prana adventures on their personal social media, which Prana and Wings of Hope reshared on their channels.

engaging experiences

Prana created the Charity Challenge, a series of activities encouraging Prana’s customers to interact with the studio and Wings of Hope on social media, try new types of yoga, meet Wings of Hope ambassadors and more, with prizes to encourage participation. Colorful Charity Challenge cards covered the hallways, keeping the GOOD Deal, yoga and the nonprofit mission top-of-mind at all times.

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