So You Wanna Be an Influencer?

It’s the ultimate Gen Z fantasy: the chance to be an influencer, complete with thousands of followers obsessing over their every word and action. We get it. It’s easy to dismiss influencing as a bunch of OOTD, unboxing and room décor nonsense. But look a little closer and you can see these teens and young adults also using their platforms for GOOD to talk about causes they care about deeply. Layer in Generopolis, and all that online chatter turns into cash for charity. Fast.

Introducing a model that’s GOOD for Gen Z

When paired with Gen Z social media influencers, the wins for businesses and the charities are clear: money in the bank. And though many young changemakers say that the only payoff they crave is the ability to make an impact, Generopolis is built to grow our future leaders in ways that directly and tangibly benefit them for a lifetime to come.

  • Creating GOOD Influencing Opportunities: At a time when social media influencing has taken on a negative connotation, Generopolis fundraisers have the power to bring back the light. By using their platforms to spread empowering and exciting content about favorite charities and do-gooding businesses, Gen Z creates community-building impact everyone can feel GOOD about.
  • Gaining resume-worthy experience: From conducting market research on potential causes and business partners, to experimenting with different types of GOOD DEAL promotions, to devising marketing strategies and tracking results, Generopolis converts young leaders into desirable full-time employee recruits.
  • Unleashing creative potential: In just one Generopolis fundraiser, Gen Z activists see and feel the scope of their own creative dynamism. They witness the transformation of their time and intellectual firepower into cash for their chosen causes and business partners. They see how their digital media prowess builds organizations in their communities. They’re thrilled with how they can help everyday customers connect with amazing deals and discounts.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship: Generopolis provides tools and templates to help young minds experiment and expand in exciting ways. Not only do these leaders have the chance to build their own platforms and voices, but they also get a front-row seat in learning and contributing as local businesses and beloved causes do the same.


Getting Started

Any young activist can begin a Generopolis fundraiser at anytime. Here’s the process:

  1. Get permission: If under the age of 18, it’s critical that fundraisers begin by asking their parents or guardians for permission and support. They should never engage in their community or online, including with nonprofit professionals or business owners, without the guidance of a trusted adult.
  2. Define the approach: Ask what network or group of people can help? Though individual volunteers can certainly use Generopolis, a single person may not have quite the same social media reach or marketing impact as a group of advocates, an official club, a sports team, a young professionals board, a youth group, a sorority or a fraternity.
  3. Select the cause: If unsure of which charity to support, fundraising advocates should research options carefully before finalizing their choice. We recommend reaching out to several nonprofits directly to see how and if they can help amplify the fundraiser’s marketing reach.
  4. Dive into the Generopolis guide: Our free guide takes fundraising volunteers from $0 and zero fundraising experience to $10,000 for any beloved cause. We like to remind all volunteers to tap into established relationships with community businesses and their own creative marketing ideas to launch a truly unique Generopolis fundraiser.

We’re thrilled to support Gen Z changemakers in launching their own Generopolis fundraisers. Have questions along the way? Check out the Generopolis Resource Library and email us at’re here to help!

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