Small Business Playing Big

Small business has long suffered from underdog-itis. Ask the average American about their small business community and they’ll paint you a picture as wholesome as apple pie.

What won’t they mention? Money. Impact. Moves like Jagger.

Let’s get real. Small business is big business. In fact, local businesses comprise nearly half of the U.S. GDP, which is a fancy way of saying they are the drivers of our economy. Don’t sleep on $10+ trillion and 58 million jobs, friends.

Maybe small biz is cool with keeping a low profile. Or maybe it’s time everyone recognizes the legit superpowers of that business across the street and opens their wallets a whole lot wider. But here’s an idea. Let’s not #ShopLocal because it looks cute on Insta. Let’s do it because it’s genuinely good for all of us.

There’s the high-level “good for us” story you may have already heard, like how $.67 of every dollar spent with a local business stays in the community versus only about $.40 for a large corporation. Or the fact that shopping small can also be much greener for the environment. That’s great stuff, but it can feel too far removed to compel the average person to change shopping habits – especially when that average person also believes that local businesses carry significantly higher price tags.

That’s why Generopolis was designed to make shopping small directly beneficial to customers’ pocketbooks.

When local businesses offer a Generopolis “GOOD DEAL,” the whole community truly does feel the benefits:

  1. Customers get a sweet deal on something they really want, like a percentage off their purchase or a product or service upgrade.
  2. The business gets immediate sales, plus the chance to win long-term customer loyalty.
  3. A nonprofit receives donations from every Generopolis “GOOD DEAL.”

Add these to all the great stuff local businesses were already doing for the community? Yeah, we’d say that’s next-level superhero status.

If you know of a local business or nonprofit that could benefit from Generopolis, drop us a line at or tag us on your favorite social media platform.

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