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Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise Last modified: December 31, 2019

Pickup Instructions

Pick up on the driveway in front of the garage or curbside.


Please help me “Keep The Promise”. My personal goal is to raise $400 by auctioning garage sale items. Please contact me to donate items or for list of items available for bid, I can send photos and descriptions. I will gladly pick up any items on driveway or curb side.


Miscellaneous items may include St. Louis Cardinals apparel, children’s books, clothing, toys, house hold furniture, games, exercise videos and hand weights, etc. Individual items have a total value of over $400! Minimum bid of $5 and item(s) are awarded to the highest bidder. 


During this season of gratitude, the crew here at Kirkwood Area Every Child Promise wanted to take a minute to thank and acknowledge some of the many people, organizations, and programs that we are grateful for and that make it possible for us to offer support to our Kirkwood children and families. 


We appreciate all of you and the many roles you play in helping us keep our promises to local children. If you want to join us in supporting local families, please 



We hope your holidays are filled with love and gratitude for you and your loved ones!



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    A little about me... I'm a professional horticulturist, biologist, and naturalist with 15 years in the horticulture industry. For the past five  years I have been a stay at home dad. It is truly the most challenging, yet rewarding job, that I have ever had. 
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