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Modern Acupuncture - Unlimited Acupuncture Pass - TWO WEEKS - HOT DEAL!

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Valid at our Des Peres Location -


Here’s your chance to experience the benefits of incorporating regular acupuncture into your life! Whether you’re interested in stress reduction, enhanced sleep, a natural approach to cosmetic beauty, or pain relief, our licensed acupuncturists are ready to help.

This offer is valid for two weeks of unlimited acupuncture sessions at a deep discount vs. the regular member price. Once you’ve purchased, you’ll receive an auto-generated email from Generopolis that will open a chat window for us to collect your name, email address and phone number. We’ll put your two session credits into our computer system and welcome you anytime that is convenient for you at our Des Peres location. Check our website for additional details on our offerings and hours:

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    We won’t sleep until every American has tried Modern Acupuncture®. Even though acupuncture has been around for centuries, it’s a new territory for a lot of people. Demystifying the treatment and helping people understand that not only does it work, but Modern Acupuncture goes way beyond traditional acupuncture and will...
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