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1-hr Mental Training Session with Dr. Ellen Reed (Athlete, Business, or Student Coaching)

Big Muddy Dance Company Last modified: April 28, 2019

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This listing is for an initial 1-hr coaching session with Dr. Ellen Reed (athlete coaching, business coaching, or student coaching). In the 1-hr session, athletes will put together an individual Mental Workout, proven to increase focus, confidence, and consistency. Business professionals and students will develop Process Goals to increase performance and drive results. The session will occur via Facetime or Skype. The recipient will have the option to continue coaching services with Dr. Reed at the rate of $250/session (sessions last 30-minutes via phone or Facetime) after the initial session, and, in this case, a plan will be developed to meet the needs of the recipient. Dr. Reed will donate 50% of all subsequent sessions to The Big Muddy Dance Company.

Dr. Reed utilizes the fundamentals developed by Dr. Jason Selk to help clients reach high-level success. The duo has been working side-by-side for over 10 years, and together they deliver the tools that guarantee results in business, sports,  and in life. Whether you need guidance as an industry leader, an athlete, or a student, you’ll find that Dr. Reed can customize the right program for you. More information may be found at


Coaching Services


Business Coaching


In her coaching, Dr. Ellen Reed teaches the Executive Toughness fundamentals of accountability, focus, and optimism to increase performance and drive results. Dr. Reed provides the tools and action steps you’ll need to take for joining the ranks of the extremely successful. Investing in this coaching program guides business professionals and leaders to experience true, long-term success in both business and in life.


Athlete Coaching


Utilizing her in-depth knowledge and experience in athletics, academics, and the performing arts Dr. Reed helps athletes and teams—from the student to the professional level—overcome obstacles and outperform the competition. Whether you’re experiencing a mental block, wavering confidence, or simply working towards a new personal best, Dr. Reed provides the fundamentals for accountability and success.


Student Coaching


Dr. Ellen Reed has extensive experience in academics and the fundamentals of accountability and focus to drive increased performance for students. Through the mental toughness fundamentals of accountability, focus and optimism, students and student-athletes learn to effectively balance the challenges of student life. Investing in this coaching program guides students toward reaching or exceeding their potential.

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