Just for Nonprofits

Are you a forward-thinking nonprofit? Partner with Generopolis for FREE!

Generopolis represents the next generation of giving, a modern and efficient way for you to reach new donors, add real names and contact information to your development files, grow your social media following and receive cash to execute your mission.

Here’s what we offer partner nonprofits, all for free!
  • Net new, non-cannibalizing donation streams through relationships with local businesses, each with a minimum fundraising goal of $2,500 per quarter
  • New individual donors, complete with contact information so you can deepen your relationship and share your mission for years to come
  • Expanded social media reach and following
  • Turnkey marketing tools, templates, analysis and expertise from experts from Fortune 25 companies
Step into the Next Generation of Giving!

Add stability and diversity to your fundraising pursuits outside of walks, events and galas. Elevate your vision for local business partnerships beyond the antiquated “shop/dine for a cause” model that unevenly benefits the business. Let Generopolis provide a pathway to more dollars, data and reach to help you execute your nonprofit mission.

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