It's easy to do GOOD
for your favorite nonprofit!

Real GOOD for Volunteers

Community Impact

Feel great as you generate donations and spread the word about your favorite charitable causes

No Cost

Volunteers, nonprofits and businesses pay nothing when using Generopolis.


Use step-by-step guides, tools and templates that make it easy for anyone - including teens and young adults - to be successful.


This is fundraising on YOUR terms. Spend as little or as much time as you like partnering with whomever you choose!


Gain resume-building leadership and marketing skills valued by nonprofit and business employers


Never worry about tracking donations or tallying results. We handle all admin so you can focus on maximizing the GOOD you're creating!

Use Your Influence for GOOD

Everyone has a platform. How will you use yours?

board members

Young professionals and youth boards drive exceptional results while expanding their skills and network

sororities and fraternities

Greek organizations provide support to their national chapter philantrhopy and local campus causes


Team-based fundraisers achieve next-level results when adding local business support

school clubs

Clubs may choose to support their own activities or a community need

youth groups

Youth groups expand the meaning of "hands on service" by delivering new ways to fund community causes

social media activists

Influencers with existing and wide reach can leverage their platforms to generate money for favorite causes while building new business relationships

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get permission

If you’re under the age of 18, begin by getting the “ok” from your parents or guardians. Welcome their guidance for engaging with nonprofit professionals, local business leaders and the broader community both in-person and online.

define your team

Generopolis fundraisers thrive when supported by advocates that have a strong community network, including people and organizations with social media reach and other marketing expertise. Not sure where to begin? Consider school clubs, nonprofit boards, youth groups, sports teams, sororities, fraternities and other volunteer networks.

pick your cause

If you’re unsure which charity to support, research your options carefully. You may even reach out to several nonprofits to see how and if they will promote your fundraiser using their own marketing resources. Remember that to be eligible to receive Generopolis funds, nonprofit beneficiaries must have 501c3 status in the U.S.

recruit business partners

Many of you already have relationships with community businesses via family and friends, or because you’re a frequent customer. For help brainstorming and recruiting amazing partners, use our free guide.

plan your good deal

Work with your business partners to create an amazing deal that customers will love. Then, decide how you’ll promote it together. Our free guide makes the process simple by including worksheets and templates.

recruit business partners

Use our request form to get your free QR code. Your business partner will need to display it wherever customers check out.

launch and promote

Now you’ve reached the fun part! To maximize the success of your fundraiser, visit the Generopolis Resource Library for tools and templates.


You’re the kind of next-generation leader your community – and this world – needs! Thanks for your amazing service!

Visit the Generopolis Resource Library to download all the guides, tools and templates you need to be successful!

how it works

Have just 10 minutes a day? Here’s a video overview of how you can go from $0 and zero fundraising experience to $10,000 or more for your favorite cause!

money matters

It never costs nonprofits or businesses to fundraise with Generopolis. Here's how we make sure no one has to spend a dime to create GOOD for your community.

Customers scan a QR code programmed to benefit your chosen nonprofit at the donation amount you and your business partner choose.

The QR Code takes customers through a secure and fast mobile checkout. Customers show their receipt to the business to receive access to the GOOD Deal.

Every month, we tally up what each nonprofit is due. We retain a 10% admin fee plus $.49 per transaction and pass the remainder to the nonprofit

Each nonprofit partner receives a check straight to their headquarters, freeing you and our business partners from any admin headaches

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