Now doing GOOD is GOOD for your business

Real GOOD for business

Customer Contact Capture

Every time a customer scans your QR code to donate, you receive their real names and email addresses for future relationship development

Community Impact

Generate donations for charitable organizations of your choice, while helping them spread the word on their important missions

Social Media Growth

Watch as your brand awareness grows through the power of cause marketing on social media

Customer Love

Offer your customers access to exclusive deals and discounts while building your reputation as a compassionate community leader

Sales Growth

Maintain full control over the types of deals and discounts you offer. Create GOOD Deals that truly drive your sales without diluting your bottom line.


Never worry about tracking donations or mailing checks. Never sign a contract or pay to fundraise

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Grab a Partner

You fundraise for whichever nonprofit(s) you desire. To maximize your sales, social media growth and charitable impact, choose a nonprofit who understands that the more they partner with you to market your Deal, the more everyone wins.

Customize your free QR Code

Request your custom QR code for shoppers to scan and donate to your charity of choice in exchange for the really GOOD Deal you’re offering.

Market the Deal

Post your QR code inside your business and start sharing the news of your GOOD Deal. Visit Generopolis University for a guide on how to maximize your success.

Thank your Customers

Use the contact information you’ll receive from every shopper who scans your QR code to create lasting relationships. (Note that you must have an opt-out mechanism for anyone who wishes to unsubscribe.)

Measure Your Results

Track your sales and marketing metrics, plus the dollars you’ve raised for your nonprofit partner. Visit Generopolis University for tools to help you maximize the GOOD you’re doing.

Feel good

Let us handle all the admin so you can focus on delivering GOOD Deals and GOOD service to your customers. You’ll never need to worry about tallying donations or sending checks to your nonprofit partners, nor will you ever sign any contracts or pay to fundraise with Generopolis.


You can run as many Deals for as many nonprofit partners as you wish. Keep experimenting to see what resonates most with your customers!


we want to work for you!

Here’s your invitation to work with your favorite nonprofit! Still looking for a nonprofit partner? Reach out to us at and we can help!

money matters

It never costs nonprofits or businesses to fundraise with Generopolis. Here's how we make sure no one has to spend a dime to create GOOD for your community.

Customers scan a QR code programmed to benefit your nonprofit at the donation amount you and your business partner choose.

The QR Code takes customers through a secure PayPal checkout. Customers show the PayPal receipt to the business to receive access to the GOOD Deal

Every month, we tally up what each nonprofit is due. We retain a 10% Admin fee plus $.49 per transaction and pass the remainder to the nonprofit

Each nonprofit partner receives a check straight to their headquarters, freeing businesses from any admin headaches