Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Generopolis?

Zero! We provide all our benefits – the QR codes, marketing materials, templates and marketing expertise – for zero investment by our nonprofit or business partners.

How does Generopolis get paid?

Each time a customer scans a Generopolis QR code and donates to the nonprofit selected by the local business, Generopolis retains a small fee to cover PayPal and other administrative costs. Specifically, we keep 10% plus $.49 per transaction. To be transparent, we are directly passing along PayPal’s $.49 plus roughly 3% per transaction fee, then defraying some of our administrative costs with the remainder.

Are there any contracts, terms or conditions that exist between nonprofits, local businesses and Generopolis?

No contracts are required at this time. As an implicit condition of using Generopolis, any time a local business or nonprofit post a Generopolis QR code, they must agree to include language disclosing that the consumer’s contact information is being collected for potential future use by their business, the nonprofit partner and/or Generopolis. Then, after being placed on a marketing outreach list, the local business, nonprofit and/or Generopolis must have an option for the consumer to unsubscribe or opt out of future marketing.

Generopolis agrees to provide transparent accounting of all donations to partner businesses and nonprofits, as well as consumer contact information. Generopolis maintains original ownership of all data collected through its QR codes and website, and maintains and shares that data per relevant local, state and federal laws

How are nonprofits involved with Generopolis?

It’s up to the individual nonprofit to decide how involved they wish to be with Generopolis and each local business that supports them.

For the local business and the nonprofit, the best financial results and the most lasting customer/donor relationships are borne of an active and involved partnership. Generopolis provides tips and templates to help businesses and nonprofits work together to maximize outcomes.

However, a nonprofit can choose to have zero involvement in a local business’ fundraising efforts and simply accept the donation check when it is mailed from Generopolis. As a professional courtesy, Generopolis will disclose the details of the local business’ fundraiser and the individual donors who used the QR codes so that the nonprofit can thank those who supported its mission.

Are nonprofits required to provide individual local businesses or their customers with a tax-deductible receipt?

No. Each time a customer scans a Generopolis QR code to pay, they are technically paying Generopolis, a “for good” private business. They pay Generopolis for access to a deal or special offer from a Generopolis business partner. Every QR code is tied to a specific nonprofit entity, and when paid by a customer, that dollar amount is held in escrow by Generopolis. Each month, Generopolis conducts the proper accounting to tally all funds paid via QR code, subtract administrative fees, then distribute checks to all nonprofits whose corresponding QR codes were scanned and paid that month.

Are payments via Generopolis QR codes tax-deductible to the customer?

No. The consumer is using the QR code to take advantage of a good or service that is at least as valuable as the amount they pay Generopolis, so the amount is not tax-deductible. All customers who make a purchase using a Generopolis QR code will receive a receipt from PayPal for their records and should speak to their tax professional if they have any remaining questions.

Does Generopolis help nonprofits proactively onboard potential local business partners?

Yes! Generopolis encourages nonprofits to recruit local business fundraising partners and provides tools through Generopolis University to make the onboarding process easy and scalable.

Does Generopolis allow local businesses to fundraise for any nonprofit beneficiary?

Yes! Generopolis encourages local businesses fundraise for the nonprofits who are the best fit for their passions and interests. While a business can select any 501c3 to support, we encourage them to select a charity who will be a strong partner in marketing their GOOD Deal.

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