Get involved with our current fundraising initiative, the Kirkwood School District Back-to-School Battle

Back-to-School Battle Benefitting Kirkwood School District Nutrition on the Weekends

Download these resources to make your participation in the Back-to-School Giving Battle even easier:

Generopolis was created to give your social media game a lift while funding causes you love.

Key benefits of Generopolis for local businesses include the following:

In-Kind Giving: Use your business assets – not your precious cash – to give what works for you. Get creative with your offerings and pricing to find your personal best-sellers.

Giving on Your Terms: Release listings when it works for your business, adding marketing fuel to business down-cycles or expanding peak windows.

Customer Capture: Leverage the combined power of the Generopolis toolbox and your social media interactions to know and grow your customers.

Buzzworthy Cause Marketing: Your listings spur engaging online and real-world marketing moments and create a transparent giving footprint that your community can appreciate.

Happy Accountants: Your Generopolis profile tracks the details of every transaction with every buyer, making it easy to manage your books.