About Us

With our next-generation giving model, businesses and nonprofits grow the bottom line… and our community!

Generopolis is a social startup founded in St. Louis, MO by a team with a vision to strengthen the bottom line for local businesses and nonprofits. We believe that generosity is a virtuous cycle, and our results prove the adage clearly: when you give, you get.

Leveraging marketing, branding and PR expertise developed at Fortune-50 companies, we teach local businesses how to harness “next generation giving” to create a triple win – local business sales grow measurably, customers get a great deal and local nonprofits receive much-needed cash to carry out their important missions.

Generopolis is totally free to local businesses, nonprofits and customers. Every time a customer scans a Generopolis QR code to unlock a deal at one of our partner businesses, Generopolis handles all administrative details of the transaction. We process the donation the customer has made to the chosen nonprofit, retaining a small administrative fee*.

To ensure strong, long-lasting connections, local businesses and the nonprofit partners they have chosen to support both receive donor records, including email and/or mailing address information.

If you’re a local business or nonprofit and want to see how Generopolis can work for you, drop us a line at hello@generopolis.com!

*We withhold 10% + $.49 of each transaction processed to cover our PayPal and other administrative expenses.

Doing good is SO good for business!