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About Generopolis

Generopolis is a social startup founded in St. Louis, MO by a team with a vision to grow local communities by strengthening the bottom line for local businesses and nonprofits.

We believe that the most powerful giving model is one where there’s an exciting “what’s in it for me” for everyone involved – the nonprofit, the local business, customers and entire communities. We’re creating next-generation giving that proves that the more you give, the more you get.

Generopolis is totally free to local businesses, nonprofits and customers. Every time a customer scans a Generopolis QR code to unlock a deal at one of our partner businesses, Generopolis handles all administrative details of the transaction. We process the donation the customer has made to the chosen nonprofit, retaining a small administrative fee.*

To ensure strong, long-lasting connections, local businesses and the nonprofit partners they have chosen to support both receive donor records, including email and/or mailing address information.

If you’re a local business or nonprofit and have questions about how Generopolis can work for you, drop us a line at hello@generopolis.com!

*We withhold 10% + $.49 of each transaction processed to cover our PayPal and other administrative expenses.

Learn more about Generopolis by watching this intro video

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