Generopolis is a new St. Louis-founded startup that believes absolutely everyone has the power to give generously to charity — even (and *especially*) if you have an empty pocketbook!

Generopolis is a mashup of Etsy meets Craigslist meets Facebook Swap ‘N Sell, where, instead of pocketing the cash from each sale, sellers select their favorite nonprofit to receive the proceeds. That means that all charity lovers can create good by exactly what they’re good at – like dog-walking, errand-running, or simply cleaning out that messy closet!

Anyone in the St. Louis metropolitan area can create a “for sale” listing or buy an item. Then, when a buyer completes a purchase, Generopolis facilitates the details of the transaction, processing payment through PayPal and directing the proceeds* to the nonprofit beneficiary chosen by the seller.

Today, Generopolis is supporting St. Louis Metro-area nonprofits, and we would love to add your favorite one to the platform. If you have suggestions, we invite your comments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or you can drop us a line at

Generopolis is grateful to you for partnering with us during our start-up phase, and we hope you’ll share what’s working – and what’s not – so that we can get better every day.

*Upon the completion of a sale, proceeds flow into an account designated specifically for each charity listed on our marketplace. Nonprofits receive the entirety of the proceeds from each sale on this platform, minus a 10% + $.30 per listing service fee to cover our costs, including credit card processing fees.